slices of melon and nectarines

some weeks ago, i started this on my former blog as a lightweight kind of project life. i really hope you like them as much as i do since these little currents will make an appearance here, too. so, here you go:

time: 10:56pm
location: couch
watching: gangs of new york.
drinking: water
eating: cookies, but still craving the above :)
wearing: sweat pants. the notable thing is: i wore hot pants today. me! which basically means that despite the super hot weather (around 35°C / 95°F here), hell must be freezing over. especially since the only pair i own is from when i was a teenager. and they. still. fit.
needing: a hair cut. still.
looking forward: to a new trendspotting lesson w/ studio calico. we'll learn about neon tomorrow.