Weekend Crop

Oh boy, it's hard to go back to blogging when you've just let it slide a bit. I spent this past week in a whirlwind and still have things to put away from the crop I mentioned in my last post. The OCDer (or should I rather say CDOer?) in me goes crazy over this, especially since it's already two weekends ago... Nevertheless we had a blast!! :)

As always when something is going to happen, I forgot to take a camera along - except for that one day it was explicitly mentioned on the supply list. Luckily, someone shared this group shot of (almost) all participants via Dropbox.

Group Shot of the Scrapbook Werkstatt Mega-Event 2012 Participants

More pictures to come in one of my next posts. Meanwhile, I leave it to you to guess where I am. Protip: I do not look like a sunflower IRL ;-)