Revealed | Studio Calico Office Hours Kit

Hey y'all! It's time for another reveal at Studio Calico which means I can show you the cards I made with the Office Hours kits :) Lately, I had got my cards up all in one post for subscriber reveal but I want to switch things up a little. I made two cards strictly using only the card main and two using almost exclusively the card add-on Water Cooler and I want to these in two separate posts. First up are the cards made with the main kit:

Studio Calico Office Hours Card Kit

In case you are wondering: yes, the veneer shapes match the size of the stamps! You can see how I used them, e.g. on the banner here:

Studio Calico Office Hours main kit only card by @pixnglue

My time for better lining the stamps and veneer pieces up: stand up while stamping so you can see straight through the acrylic block so your perspective isn't distorted. The red ink? Perfection! It's the new Color Theory Well Red ink. Originally I planed only to use the veneer banner on the card but the often neglected ribbon was staring at me so I cut it into a banner shape, then folded it exactly where the stamped banner "folds" and layered that underneath. Almost no additional bulk or weight and lots more dimension - just how I like it!

Next up, a fun little number that was inspired by this pin. The colorful "rain" was made with several Mister Huey's sprays.

Studio Calico Office Hours main kit only card by @pixnglue

For the mask I stamped the upper part of an umbrella on adhesive note paper and cut around the top. After that I used the mist droppers to make the paint drips. What I love about the droppers is, that you can pick up the pooling paint from your mist box and use it again for second or even third time on the same project. If you want to try something similar, I have an in-process shot for you - photos probably can explain better than my words ever will.

colorful rain with Mister Huey's spray mist by @pixnglue

Tip: Keep the mist colors similar. I tried to mix greens, yellows and reds and it turned out as ugly browns since the paints tend to "run" into one another and mix.

That's it from me today! Hope you enjoyed the reading some process details and tips. Happy shopping, everyone!