Make Scratch-off Cards at Home

A promising title, right? When I think back to my childhood and think about surprise fun stuff coming in the mail, two things come to my mind: bubble wrap - it's still addicting, isn't isn't it? - and scratch-off tickets that came with catalogue mailings. And with the latter, winning something wasn't even important really. Just scratching off the layer and revealing what's underneath got me all excited, hehe :)

I had similar moment years when I noticed that my old paper trimmer can do perforation lines and a friend and I had a ridiculous few minutes just tearing paper apart when the inspiration for a mass birthday invitation just wouldn't spark.

But back to the topic - scratch-off cards! You can do these at home with stuff you surely already have on hand: acrylic paint, dish soap and scotch tape. Yep, that's all!

To make it easy for you to follow my directions to this technique and recreating my card, you can download the tutorial here. I'm curious to see in what direction you take this :)

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Supplies (scratch-off and card):