Minis, minis, minis

I must confess, I have developed a slight addiction to online learning courses. My current favorite: a free six weeks photography course with Jasmine Star at Creative Live. Although the topic is "The Complete Wedding Photography Experience" and I have no intentions to become a wedding photographer any time soon, the lessons - from posing people, creating variation to shooting with intention and much more - are invaluable. And there are still two weeks to go. Yay!

Another thing that makes me excited is the Mini Book Library series at SC. I didn't jump right in when Tina Aszmus started her class. Not because I didn't like the project (in fact, I love it!) but simply because time was tight and I then missed the deadline for signing up. Now that the second workshop (a class by Maggie Holmes) is online and, you and I, we all can get admission for the full series of mini album classes. 

So, just how does this Mini Book Library thing work? During 2015,  Studio Calico will be releasing four Mini Book Workshops. Each teacher will be sharing techniques for a different style of album, and if you take them all, you'll finish the year with a basket full of little books holding big memories - perfect for documenting your summer adventures, don't you think? You can enroll in a single workshop for $10, or register for the mini book library and be enrolled in all four workshops for the bundle price of $36.00. 

Mini Book Workshop - Tina Aszmus (March 2015) : Take time to explore your surroundings and record the details of daily life that you may have overlooked. Join Tina Aszmus in this Mini Book Workshop, and learn how to document the every day in an artful 4x6 mini album. (no longer available as a single workshop; immediate access with Bundle purchase)

Mini Book Workshop - Maggie Holmes (June 2015) : Life is full of celebrations, whether big or small, and it's all worth documenting. In this class, Maggie Holmes shares her method for creating eclectic, tag-style mini albums that pack big-time style and design. Go beyond the basics by learning how to incorporate pockets, envelopes, custom-size page protectors, and more. Join Maggie, and be inspired to celebrate your life in fabulous and creative new ways! (currently also available as a single workshop here; class content available from June 10th 2015).

Mini Book Workshop - Stephanie Bryan (August 2015): Mixed up mini (released July 25th)

Mini Book Workshop - Marcy Penner (November 2015): 4x6in album (released Oct 25th)

In case you are wondering, more details and sneak peeks for the last two classes in the Mini Book Bundle will be available closer to their release.

Also, Maggie will be working with this special mini album kit curated for this class, but you can substitute any kit or papers and embellishments from your stash, which honestly is exactly my plan. I've been lucky enough to have crafted right next to Maggie at Camp Calico and have also attend one of her live workshops at a local store here - I just know her class will be inspiring with the exact class kit or not. 

How about you? Do you like online courses? Which are your favorite platforms, teachers, courses?