Studio Calico Brimfield Kit Preview

Studio Calico Brimfield kits, bring together enchanting sunset tones with lush colors reminiscent of your favorite antique store, full of contrasting mint hues and familiar homespun patterns. Watch the video above to see the official Preview video of September kits.

In the video, you'll notice that there is no longer a card kit. Instead of it, Studio Calico will premier their new stationery kit this September. It has preprinted cards, of which some can certainly be customized if you want to, tags, a cute pencil, envelope seals and more. Also, there will be add-ons, like 4x6 inch stamp sets you can use for your card making and I also got a 4x6 paper pad and some fun dies in my box. Lots of options to either just pop a preprinted card in the mail or make your own handmade cards.

Studio Calico Brimfield Stationery Kit sneaks by @pixnglue

Studio Calico Brimfield Stationery Kit sneaks by @pixnglue

The collage above is comprised of my first three finished cards and tags for the Studio Calico Creative Team gallery. There will be more until reveal of course! I'll be posting them to Instagram and plan on having one sneak every 1-2 days if time permits.

Also, if you have any specific questions what's in the kits or hints on what you want to see made with the stationery kit, just leave me a comment. I'll be happy to include your requests! Lots more info and Creative Team sneaks are on the Studio Calico preview page.

It's a bit sad to see the original card kit go, especially since I've gotten every single one since the launch in September 2012. Nonetheless, I'm convinced the stationery kit and add-ons hold lots of fun possibilities for card makers. And, one's for sure: card making is not going to completely go away from Studio Calico!

Lisa Spangler launched a three part cardmaking series in the Studio Calico classroom for which you can sign up since this afternoon.  

Sneak of Lisa Spangler's Halloween & Thanksgiving cardmaking class

Sneak of Lisa Spangler's Halloween & Thanksgiving cardmaking class

In her classes, Lisa will share cool techniques for everything from ghostly greetings to love notes.

You can purchase the Cardmaking Bundle for $25 to enroll in all three workshops - a $5 savings! These workshops can also be purchased separately throughout 2015 for $10 each. The first one, Halloween & Thanksgiving, is available for separate purchase now. 

This bundle offer is available through September 30th at 11:59pm EST.


  • Halloween & Thanksgiving - September 2016
  • Christmas & New Year - October 2016
  • Valentine's Day - January 2016

Sounds like a fun class combination for all of the important cardmaking holidays, right?! The girls in the preview chat got totally excited about a special shopping item for the first class: glow in the dark embossing powder!! :) More infos are/will be on the individual class sign up pages.