Week | End

It's been a busy few weeks, not in a negative but rather productive way… it's been exhausting nonetheless. So much that I wanted to take a short nap on Thursday when in reality I slept almost eleven hours straight instead of writing blog posts as planned :)

I guess it doesn't help much that my combined craft and workspace is a mess. I'm tempted to take the easy way out and pick everything up off of the table and floor and toss it. I've already gotten rid of a lot this year but why am I still left with so much stuff everywhere? Please tell, me some of you can relate!

In good news, I woke up refreshed and watched the snowflakes dance. I'm not much of a fan of winter but this was a very calming thing to see. And speaking of my crazy workspace, there are some pretty fabulous new products: Danielle of Neat & Tangled invited me to be their Guest Designer this month  Head over to the Neat & Tangled blog to see the first two of my guest posts (sneak above) and also go check out their new release - so much cuteness!