Workspace Wednesday {on a Sunday}

Workspace Wednesday @pixnglue #craftroominspiration

Hi everyone, how's it going in your neck of the woods? I spent a good chunk of the past week or so organizing, cleaning, decluttering … you get the idea. Today I want to show you a quick picture of my Ikea Bestå unit which holds most of my crafting supplies. It was all open shelving until last week - a picture of it along with more of my craft organization can be seen on a post from the last year on the Studio Calico blog.

I learned, however, that my brain functions better when I'm not exposed to too much stuff at the same time. Ikea trip to the rescue! I got me door for one half of the shelf, put the books, tools and finished projects behind and only all of the boxed up stuff (embellishments, ribbon, adhesive, stamps, etc.) can be seen now. Such a simple edit, yet, much better.

What are your recent additions or edits to your craft organization? I feel like I'm not finished yet and would love to hear some tips from you guys!

Workspace Wednesday | Mini in the Works

Workspace Wednesday by @pixnglue

I have lotsa different paper projects going on behind the scenes, non of which is ready to share in full just yet. However, I have a sneak of loose pages for a travel mini to be above that I shared on my Instagram yesterday. The supplies were all pulled from my stash of past Studio Calico kits and stamps, as well as some Crate Paper favorites.

Speaking of favorites, have you heard the big news? After some collaborations in the past year, Studio Calico + Big Picture Classes decided to join forces! Check out the SC blog for more info, if you like.

xo, Dana

Workspace Wednesday | Washi Tape

washi tape storage by @pixnglue

When we were asked by SC if we were willing to share our washi tape storage, I was joking that I keep one tape in every purse I own. While that is actually true, I recently put all other washi (+ glitter + chalk) tapes in a wide bamboo bowl from IKEA to make room for the new Color Theory items. What I love about this type of open storage is that I can roughly group them by color and see all designs at a glance so none gets neglected. Then I will just grab whatever tape fits best for my current project. Also, it just looks like a colorful bowl of candy on my table. And color. makes. me. happy.

See more ideas on how to keep your washi tape collection at bay on the Studio Calico blog today.