Studio Calico Odyssey Sneaks

Soooo, long time no talk… it's all because, well, there's life and also this impulse to move my blog over from Blogger to Squarespace. Mostly for the reason, I'm no longer willing to put up with having to recode almost every single post to have a consistent design (and we're talking simple things here like fonts and paragraph formatting). Also, Squarespace offers some really cool features out of the box that will hopefully make this a better experience for you guys, too.

Not everything is finalized, yet. I haven't moved all of my posts over so far and when you click on my about page you'll get to see a dummy image instead of me but I didn't want to wait any longer. Blogging is a work in progress anyway, isn't it?

Now, on to the sneaks you probably came for. Studio Calico's March kit is vastly different from last month. There are lots of blues, darker "boy" colors and that stinking cute stamp set including an alligator, iguana and (my fave) a frog. 

The above is the official sneak picture from Studio Calico featuring some adorable cards by April Foster. The rainbow leaves on the middle card are so fun, don't you think? 

These are a few tiny sneaks I can give you from my own desk - see above. Looks like I lean for lime green and watercolors this weekend. The sneak on the bottom was made with a plastic "hey" shape in the card kit, which I used as a mask with Mister Huey spray mist and watercolors. 

More sneaks are definitively coming to my Instagram account until reveal day. Just maybe not tonight… because, really, I should be sleeping now but that Mister Cumberbatch and his lovely British accent have me watching the Oscar show for just. a few. more minutes (or so).